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Welcome to the New Mexico Valkyries NEW homepage.

Still very much under construction, but the new site should be faster and easier for me to keep updated. If you have any comments or suggestions...send them to me!

Latest updates
9 March 2001
The site goes live!
22 May 2001
New message board link added

Hot new info
Kathy Camarenas has graciously agreed to take over the helm as our new fearless leader. Kathy loves organizing rides, so expect to see a lot more in that department! Thanks Kathy!!

We are also putting together a mailing list to help keep us in touch. If you would like to have your name added to the list, Email Kathy.
Click here to email Kathy

Hey, we still need an official Logo and a Name!! Unless everyone likes "New Mexico Valkyries" (Not very original, but gets the job done IMHO)


Cruisin from the Bosque to the High Desert to the Mountains...